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Original Hot Jade Stone Massage 

This is the ultimate relaxation experience offered by Moonstone Day Spa. The warm, smooth jade stones help the body de-stress, the muscles relax, and the mind be at peace. The tranquil environment in each treatment room enhances the wonderful relaxing experience of this massage. Cambria Massage is the only therapist in the Central Coast using Jade Stone massage therapy.

Aquatic Therapy 

Enjoy the comfort of working out in our relaxing pool without having to deal with heavy weights. It provides rehabilitation to our clients dealing with aches and pains or perhaps just want to feel like they are in a dream. Rest while floating on your back and enjoy the enchanting feeling of our Aquatic Therapy.

Moonstone Massage

Using the basic Swedish method, this full-body massage is a soothing treatment blending different techniques to meet the individual’s needs and physical condition. This massage along with the ambiance in each treatment room, and the use of essential oils, allows the mind and body to completely relax and soothe the spirit.

Couples Massage

With the Couples Massage you can share the experience with your significant other. It’s a true gift you can take home with you and share for many moons to come. Enjoy a romantic time together side-by-side as all your worries evaporate into the coastal breeze.

* Aquatic Therapy sessions can last up to 90 minutes

** Foot Spa can be added to any treatment

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